Viktoria Karlsson – grounding, circling

Viktoria has a profound love for nature, connection and the marriage between the two. 

As soon as her senses began to expand her awareness the exploration of the details in her surroundings began. Fascination of the worms in the ground, the birds and all amazing insects with diversity in different shapes and colors. 

She studied art at the gymnasium to explore her love for visual impression and expression. Then came to a conclusion of what direction she wanted to move forward in making a living. With that turned the aim to study natural science with the focus towards biology.

After a finished degree as a Biologist at Umeå University. She moved to Västerås for work at the county board. After working for 10 years with environmental monitoring and inventory, a notion that had been there all along was getting louder; something was not right in the way she moved in relation to herself, or others. A sense of lost track of meaning, purpose and connection to her body and being.

This led her on a quest to find what was missing in her life. 

This was where she crossed paths with Lina and the space of body awareness. A meeting which came to be the beginning of a new, old way of rediscovering what had been buried over the years. 

Viktoria discovered the wonder directed towards her own being, the magic, the shapes and colors that comes with connecting with the core essence.

Further on this path she came to expand the love of connecting with the body and with other human beings through the practice of circling.

Circling for her is a way one can discover and disclose the clear, powerful, colorful life force within. That shines through in everything we are, and do, if we look with the eyes of wonder and freshness to every moment and meeting. 

Viktoria holds space for deep listening to what is here now. Where she invites her whole body to reflect the emergent energy present. Where she simply guides with her own leadership in self empowerment. With questions to inherit thoughts and emotions: does this serve me? and is this true?