Lina Petersdotter

Lina is an experienced transformer of cultures and patterns. A powerful and deeply rooted holder of wisdom, space and ceremonies at school of Mother Earth.

Lina at Kårsavagge, Sápmi, Abisko

She was born in the old forests of Sjaunja nature reserve out side of Gällivare and spent her first years with the nature spirits of this ancient and living land.

After moving further down but still in the northern parts of Sweden, to the outer parts of Kalix. Living with 5 kilometers to the next neighbor her connection to Mother Earth stayed strong and the animals stayed her closest friends, guides and teachers. But the more she grew up the longer became the distance between her and the core of life.

Lina in a field in Norrbotten picking flowers. Photographer Bernt Selberg ❤️

The horses became the salvation of her teenage years as she became a humble student of their way of living. Embracing the horses fully who so willingly wants to teach us humans another way of living. In balance and harmony with ourselves and all life.

After the gymnasium she moved down to Växjö, studying intentional social science on the university. Studies which she choose from a longing to go deeper in to the understanding of cultures, democracy and society after being raised in a family circling around democracy, environment and freedom. Living with a father being a full time politician from the time when Lina was 6. These studies took her on a journey realizing that she needed more creativity in her life to flourish. The years at the university gave her a beautiful understanding of the complexity of the world with studies like globalization, democratization and international law and created helped her to build upon the foundation of understanding society and cultures even more.

From the university in Växjö she moved down to Skåne and started to hold space for live action role playing. Exploring cultures, writing new worlds and cultures. Diving in to the essence of life and society head on. Creating the fundamental understandings of meta perspectives and larp pedagogy which are tools that follow her in to her daily work even now.

But still something was missing. There was a longing of understanding more about other ways to live. The horses kept calling. So Lina moved to Gotland to embrace the call of the horses full on and started working as a manager at Ekeskogs horse academy by the magical Hanna Engström studying the acedemic art of riding and the wisdom of the horses full time.

Lina cantering on the fields of Visby with one of her horse teachers, William.

Linas life in service of the horses as their humble student took her in to new depths of her self and finally back to a deeper connection with the core of life. Finding that riding in it self wasn’t what she was looking for, it was connection and a new depth of relating and to be able to relate deeper with others she soon understood that she needed to relate deeper with her self.

This new understanding and perspective grew steadily in her being. That the journey was all about meeting herself.

In 2015 she left her thriving career as an instructor in the academic art of riding, feeling lost and ungrounded. Recognizing that she had lost the relationship and the connection focusing to much on performance and structure. For a time she said good bye to all the 7 horses which had been her companions and choose to spend her time finding her way back through being a mum, studying textile and handcraft and reconnecting with her body and essence through meditation and spending time in nature.

An old door, the door of relating to spirit opened slowly with her deep dedication of choosing her self. Memories of old lives came poring through and she found her way back to let the longing for connection and relating guide her. A guidance which took her to a meeting with Noora Ehnqvist and a new way of meeting the horses through the meeting with her self.

Body awareness became a key to reconnect with her deeply blocked and stagnated body and the freedom in seeing someone meeting the horses in another way opened the flood of creative energy again. During this time the horse Manne also joined her team of helpers. A horse so sensitive that he naturally shied away from any kind of pressure. Manne took Lina on a journey where she had to learn to let go of the idea that she had to have control and start to really meet and allow the flow of life. A journey of trust so that they both could become free.

At this point there was no return. The longing to come home, to her core, to Mother Earth was so great. Lina went through an emotional yet beautiful separation and stepped in to her exploration of how to live a relationship based life in depth. The space “the wisdom of the horse” was created which later grew in to a beatiful and strong movement incooperation with Susanna Davidsson. A movement where the horses are seen as the guides for us humans as they wish to be.

She moved, together with her daughter Daga in to the the cabin which today has grown in to becoming the forest temple and home for School of Mother Earth. She choose to step in to the simplicity and hardness of living off grid. During the first 3 years with out electricity and the first 2 years with out a proper space to take showers in. With her in the move was also Manne and the Icelandic horse Gormur.

The dedication to the question “what does it mean to live a life in relationship?” drove her to Tantra and Tantra massage. This practice together with the fundament of body awareness helped her to relate even deeper to her body and energy, opening up the space of healing old patterns and wounds.

The family grew with the cats Hercules and Elsa who are still with us in the forest temple today. The dog Kira and horses Selding and Whinne have also come and gone. Giving their enormous valuable teachings.

After two years in a lot of solitude and tough teachings from this space Lina was ready to go out in the world again by stepping even deeper in to her self. Her longing for deeper connection to spirit and also for community with other humans grew stronger and gave her the courage to step in to a new path, the shamanic path. The path that had called her ever sense she was a child.

She stepped in to the 2 year education in shamanic healing at Gaia life and became a student for Ania and Magnus Munay during this period. At the same time as she chose to step in to the 1 year education of “framtidens by” (the villages of the future) for Ingrid and Nikolas Berg to yet again dive in to the questions around society, cultures, democracy and community.

Two deeply transformational years took place. Years where everything from love in a polyamourous way of living to how life can look like when the relationship to spirit is acknowledged as important as the relationship to humans was explored. Two years where the question of life started to shift from “how do I live a relationship based life?” To “how do I live a ceremonial life?” Where ceremony is the constant connection to all.

The era of being of service to the horses, being their humble student and their voice in this world was over and the era of being of services to spirit and being the voice of the parts of nature that do not have a physical form was starting. School of Mother Earth was created and her journey in to ecopedagogy had started.

School of Mother Earth fire temple and food temple.

Today Lina has dedicated her being to serving Mother Earth, giving nature a human voice and being a tool for spirit to work through. Studying traditions from different indiginous cultures. Learning how to tell the story of connectedness, being in relations and being one with all on an even deeper level.

The alter during one of the ceremonies at school of Mother Earth.

She holds ceremonies and space for the individual, collective and cultural transformation which wants to take place in this new era and time. So that we can, together create a new way of living in balance and harmony with ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

In January 2021 Lina also debuted with the bestselling multi authors book, Eldfödd (fireborn) where she talks about the journey of accepting her whole story, her whole self. In April 2021 she is released yet another multiauthors book, Arise which became an international bestseller in multiple parts of the world. In december 2021 she published her own first co-author project, the well appriciated book “Hästarnas Visdom” is now opening up for the new, internationel project “unlock the wisdom of horses within you”.

Lina at Kårsavagge, Sápmi, Abisko.

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