Leadership transformation

Leadership transformation are sessions with Lina Petersdotter which are designed for you to make the shifts that you need to make so that you can step in to your self leadership and step up in your life. In your private and personal life as well as in your work and business life.

This is a space where Lina combines her whole experience of transformational work through many cultures and techniques.

These are sessions for you who is truly ready to step in to your own self leadership and to take responsibility for your journey and thereby is ready to meet and release the blockages and patterns which you carry with you so that you can become free to create your own dream life.

These sessions are given over internet through zoom so you can sit anywhere in the world and is given in Swedish or English.

Are you interested in creating more freedom and flow in your life (in general or in specific parts)? Ready to step in to your power and become a leader in this new world? Then you are welcome to send in an application for these sessions to linapetersdotter@gmail.com where you answer the follow questions:

1. Where are you in your life now? How do you feel when you think of your life today? 2. When you look forward, how do you want it to feel when you look at your life in the future? 3. What do you feel that you need to meet/shift/transform to get there?

There are no right nor wrong answers to these questions. So you can relax and allow yourself to land deeper in to these question without the fear of judgement. These questions are here to help you to land deeper in to yourself and prepare yourself for the work that you have before you.

Your investment for this deeply transformational space is 3900sek for one session à 2 hours or 10.900kr for 4 sessions à 1 1/2 hours. When you send in the answers to the questions you can specify what kind of investment you’re looking at making.

Thank you for the bravery and courage to step in to your power as a leader of this new world, Lina