The Forest temple

Welcome to the Forest Temple!

The Forest Temple is dedicated to the transformation wanting to happen so that re-connection can appear. It’s a space held by the trees and the spirits living there with support of the humans caring for it and gardening it to even more life.

This temple is a place of its own with a spirit of it’s own and a will of it´s own. It chooses you who are ready to travel deeper in to your self, in to connectedness. You who posess the willingness to hold a clear and loving intention and travel to where the journey takes you. To meet your shadows and learn how to step in to your own leadership, healing your wounds and taking responsability of your emotions and energies.

But it is also home for humans, animals, plants and spirits. We ask you therefore to step in to this space with all that understanding in your heart.

Everyday life at the first temple can include watching frozen two on the projector screen together.

Before you visit;
No matter how long nor short it will be, we askyou to take time to land in your intention with your visit. Allow the walk/drive here to be a journey to let go of the stress, the ideas of who you must be or who you are not allowed to be which you might carry with you during your everyday life. Let this be a journey to see what you want to let go of, what is not serving you anymore and what you want to take with you in to this sacred space.

If you have a stone which wants to be placed in our “röse” (pile) of wisdom that stone is so welcome to join us, spreading its wisdom through out this soil.

When you arrive; we ask you to ask the spirits of this place to recieve you by sharing your intentions with your visit to them and also bring an offering to show your respect.

Step in with conscious feet and deep breathing. You are now on sacred ground. Welcome!

During your stay;
We invite you to step in to being a part of this space, not just a visitor, being served and instead entering the holy union of servant, student and master. To yourself, to all who live here and to the great mother. When here, we are all servants, students and masters at the same time. Co-creating this space and taking responsibility for the depth of the healing happening here together.

A co-crated alter for one of our ceremonies where everyone attending brought something to place in the alter.

Before your leave;
Please take the time to look at what you´ve recieved from the place and see how you´re going to integrate that in your everyday life so that you can carry the wisdom forward and allow the rings on the water to multiply and thereby tounch even more people, spreading the culture of trust in to the world.

Clean the spaces which you´ve used (common as well as personal) in gratitude and love.

Give thanks to the spirits, humans, animals, plants and ground who have held and guided you on your journey home to your self and the great mother during your stay.

With all the love and the deepest of gratefulness for your being and decision to take part of this creation.