Shamanic Healing

Lina is trained in the art of shamanic healing and dives deeper in to to and explores this technique more and more in her relationship to spirits. Shamanic healing is a technique which opens up for traveling through lifetimes and between dimensions. So that we can shift patterns which are buried deep in us, heal wounds and remove blockages which exists in our unconscious.

Lina takes on clients for shamanic healing in physical sessions at school of mother during spring, summer and autumn. This way of working is also a part of her sessions in leadership transformation and the coaching program, your journey home.

A shamanic healing session with Lina can be either a designed ceremony for your needs for which we dedicate 3 hours. Together we dive in to what your intention with this ceremony is and open it up together to call in the spirits who wants to assist us in this work and to create a safe space.

The form of this ceremony will be unique for you and your intention and the details will form them selves in our meeting.

This is a space for you who is already walking the path of your journey home in a conscious and aware way and feels like you’re in a need of some assistance and guidance to be able to come through a blockage or transform a pattern so that you can keep moving forward.

A session for you who is prepared to dive deep and to take care of your needs to integrate and ways to move forward after the session.

Your investment for this guidance and help is 3500sek and you send in your application to In your application I invite you to write about where you are in your life right now, what blockages or pattern you want help with releasing and what your intention with this ceremony is.

Or it can be 4 sessions á 1 hour (the first session will be 1 1/2 hour) spread out with around 2 weeks in between. Your investement for this conecpt is 5555Sek. If this is the concept which speaks to you then you are welcome to contact Lina at

Thank you for trusting your journey and asking for the support that you need. And thank you for trusting me with holding you in the hardest parts of it, Lina