Our Journey home Publishing and Production

Something new is cooking! A publishing and production branch of school of mother earth. This project exites me enormously because the possible impact of this project is bigger then anything we’ve ever done before.

Our Journey Home Publishing and Production is about holding space for our jouruney home as individuals and collective. Home to ourselves, each other and to Mother Earth. We believe that a great part of this journey comes through telling our stories in different ways.

We there for will:
– Publish books with this intention, of bringing us home to ourselves, each other and Mother Earth.

– Create and produce the podcast “Our Journey Home” where stories about journeys home will be shared together with interviews with people who work with this dedication and their experiences of whoi we as individuals and collective need to be to be able to move forward on this journey.

– Create, produce and spread music, film and other forms of art with this intention.

So welcome to a new chapter in our journey home!

We are publishing our first book!!! The swedish book “the wisdom of the horses”. This book is planned to be released in the beginning of december but will be available for pre order from 15/7 -21 at www.hastarnasvisdom.com.