Is a tranformational and liberating way of working with pedagogy. It is not a system nor a method but a way to relate to your self, others and the earth. It is thereby a pedagogy which can be applied to any pedagogic system, method or situation.

Ecopedagogy comes from the liberating pedogogic movement of the latin americas and especially Paolo Freire.

Lina holds together with her colleagues, Ingrid and Nikolas Berg a one year education in ecopedagogy at Karlskoga Folkhögskola, the first (as we know of) education in ecopedagogy in Sweden. If you want ot know more about this 1 year education you are welcome here:

Lina is also one of the founders of the ecopedagogic association in sweden. If you want to know more about the ecopedagogic association in sweden you are welcome here: