Shamanic Ceremonies

Ceremonies and rituals are a very important part of our lives. To contiously do ceremonies is stepping in to a concious creation of your life and the new world.

Moon ceremonies: At school of Mother Earth you can participate in full moon ceremonies dedicated to letting go of what does not serve you anymore which are often held tigether with the plant medicine rapé and new moon ceremonies to invite what you want to grow in life which are held togheter with sound healing.

The next moon ceremony is the new moon the 10/6 2021! We start at 18 and end at 21. A lighter soup dinner is included and this new moon ceremony will be accompanied by a gong and healing sound bath. Your investement: 450Sek. Send an email if you want to join on

Rapé ceremonies: We hold regular ceremonies with the plant medicine Rapé which is a tobacco based mixture with herbs. Rapé is a beautiful help to clear out heavy energies and to give you even greater access to the spirit world.

Kambô ceremonies: The experienced space holder Anna Stillwell holds Kambô ceremonies on request. Kambô is a deep cleansing medicine which creates clarity of your path and in your life.

Healing ceremonies with drums and singing: For special occations and on request we also hold healing ceremonies. It can be on request of relationsips, wounds or traumas that needs some extra healing or a ceremony to reconnect with spirit etc.

We also open up for the possibility for you to (together with us) design your own ceremony in accordance to what you need right now.

If you’re interested in taking part in our Shamanic ceremonies then you are welcome to send an email to and let us know what you are looking for and we’ll guide you right!