School of Mother Earth is a space where we invite you to step step deeper in to exploring connection on your journey home. Connection with yourself, others, spirit and Mother Earth. This is a space dedicated to transformation so that we can make the inner shift which is needed to create a new world based on balance and harmony, living together with each other and the earth.

School of Mother Earth takes form digitally and physically. Digitally through the platform which is being created for the online courses, on Facebook at School of Mother Earth page: www.Facebook.com/schoolofmotherearth, through the vlog and blog here on this page and the podcast Spiritual Liberation which will be launched this winter.

And physically on a off grid farm in the forest between sala and Avesta in Sweden. This place is called the Forest Temple and yours welcome to read about our life more in detail here!

Thank you for visiting us here and we’re hoping that you find what your looking for! ❤️🙏